Get familiar with the international Collision Regulations in an attractive and efficient way

Advantages of ColRegs app

Easiest learning method

With the ColRegs app you can practice how to apply the Collision Regulations in numerous situations. By going through all kinds of situations and answering questions with feedback, you will surely master the Regulations.

Attractively priced

As a learner you can train your Collision Regulations as much as you need for only €15 one year long. You can decide for yourself which parts of the Collision Regulations you want to train and test. You can set up your own tests.

Learning anytime, anywhere

With this online app you can study anytime and anywhere, as long as you are online. You can also use Colregs on your smart phone. Colregs anywhere, whether you are on the train or at work.

ColRegs covers all paragraphs of the Collision Regulations

The 3000+ questions in the ColRegs database have been designed by trainers and experts from Dutch Maritime Colleges, Royal Navy, Coast Guard. The application is used by these Colleges and the Royal Dutch Navy to train their students and cadets. All Regulations are covered.

Individual users

Learn the nautical rules in a fun way and simply test your knowledge

Through the administrator function within ColRegs teachers can easily follow the progress of their students. Teachers can also draw up tests themselves and test the knowledge of the students. Teachers can also easily set how long a test remains available and within which time it should be made.

Students have the opportunity to compose practice tests from an extensive database.

Schools / Colleges
Nautical companies

Responsive design!

Do your exercises on your pc, tablet or smart phone. The app will adapt to your device.

What users say

The ColRegs program meets expectations. The program is user-friendly and offers sufficient possibilities to increase the knowledge of the BVA. For students a good way to practice for the final test.

Reinen van Nes  ||  Teacher Maritiem Instituut Willem Barentsz  ||  West-Terschelling

I have been using this program for several years and it adds a lot in the support and exercise of the BVA. The students can use it on smartphones, tablets, laptops etc which is a big advantage. In short: recommended!

Marlous Mes || teacher nautical, maritime and logistic college De Ruyter || Vlissingen

Buy your licence and start now

When you purchase a license for the Colreg application, you can get started in a few minutes!

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